Our Puzzle Story: Our Story Combining the symbols of the Puzzle Ring goes like this: There are two different shapes to the Puzzle, V's and ZigZags. So, The V's represent the beings coming together to unite and they form a diamond. You then have the zigzags they represent the two roads the beings were following before they met. One road is smooth the other is a bit more bumpy; but when their roads come together and their paths cross it interlocks the beings forever making both of their roads smooth infinitely. As many relationships do they grow apart at times but always finding your way back to your center turning within each-other to form the one. Copyright 2k10- Pahos Morningstar The Puzzle Ring Maker This story has evolved partially from an employee, and partially from my Native American Heritage of storytelling. The symbols of the ring can mean many things to each person. Every Mind, Different Vision. So Let it develop as you wish but please don't copy.

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