In Loving Memory: “Liza”

                Karen Elizabeth Loube







Liza had a Friend Who had a Puzzle Ring She Could Not Put Back Together. Liza being the Puzzle Brained Woman She was, became fascinated with the idea of the puzzle ring and figured out how to put it back together, as well as teaching herself how to make them.


Now Being the amazing woman that she was she raised her three children; Tawasi, Tashubi, & Pahos on this art,as well as teaching them all how to do the jewelry, &  business so they all could sustain themselves after the day she was gone.


Pahos really got this grasp on the business format she had left him and became a successful jeweler in his own right after doing piece work for his mom from the time he was 7 soldering his first solid banded ring. Pahos now is carrying on his mothers legacy and supporting his own family with this art. he continues to miss his mother as we never get over loosing a parent but he does remember her through his metal-smithing and the  art his mother taught him.



Liza Loube 1952-2002



Liza went on a journey with a fast pace sarcoma cancer and Passed on Feb. 6, 2002


She Has Been Missed



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