Puzzle Rings are a group of interlocking rings that fit together to form an intricate design. When apart, the rings remain interconnected and pose a challenging puzzle. In 14kt gold or Sterling Silver the rings are all handmade by Liza's family, who have been creating handmade jewelry since 1990.


     Pahos A Second Generation Puzzle Ring & Rolling Ring Maker is the only one of Liza’s Children Still carrying on her Legacy of Quality Handmade Jewelry.


The Legend Behind the Puzzle Ring:

    The Puzzle Ring is a Turkish Fidelity Ring. It dates back to 400B.C. They found one in an Egyptian tomb and it now sits in the Smithsonian Museum. The Legend is that The Turkish Soldiers/Sailors would give the Puzzle Ring to their wives and told them if they ever take the ring off and are unfaithful to him, that the ring was magic and would tell him as the ring would fall apart, it can be difficult to put the ring back together into the ring you can then wear.

But have no fear We do have picture instructions and Videos here to help.

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