Pahos Morningstar was born in Benson, Arizona to Liza Loube a jeweler a lot of you may remember  yourselves & James Bowe a Rock Hound & Miner

    Liza  raised her three children, Tawasi, Tashubi, & Pahos through her jewelry making. Starting with pieces like feather earrings and wire wraps, Evolving into Gold and Sterling Silver.

    A friend showed her a Puzzle Ring from Turkey and Liza fell in love with the design.  By dissecting it she taught herself how to make them and flew with it.

      Liza Lived on a Community/School close to Bastrop,TX. while raising her kids doing the Scarborough Renaissance Faire two months a year and selling on the drag in Austin. Showing her kids the whole way how to do the art and make a living at it too.

    Liza passed in February2002 from a fast paced sarcoma cancer. Liza  lives on in all her children and grandchildren as well as anyone who may have known her in her lifetime she touched many people, we get and love the stories all the time thank you for that.


   Pahos follows closely in his mothers footsteps by making the jewelry she did. Starting when he was 7 years old soldering his first solid band rings. By the time he was 12 he was working on a regular basis doing piece work for his mom making rolling rings. Pahos worked with Liza learning the tricks of the trade.

       Presently he takes Pride in doing the work his mother taught him.


    Pahos evolves from his roots in many ways. He is half Native American- Nooksac/ Skagit Tribes, and half Jewish. His Father is also a mineral Prospector. Pahos ventures into lapidary work a bit himself too.


    Growing all the time in many directions with his jewelry and his family;

  Pahos' jewelry reflects an amazing spirit of offering to the world just as his name means an offering of prayer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it.


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About Pahos:

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