4pc. Puzzle Ring Solution:

4 Piece Puzzle Ring Picture Instructions:


 Open the Ring this is called the Puddle.->

               Examine the Puzzle Ring.

    There are four pieces.

  2- are V-shaped & 2- are zig-zag shaped.


Find your 4 dented V-shape, let everything else fall. The other V will fall to the bottom.

Bring the other V-shape up from the bottom putting it back to back with the other V to form a  diamond-

          Keeping your 4 dented V Pointing to the left

Turn the diamond so that the V with the most notches points left, and Pinch it in your left hand between your thumb and forefinger.


The zig-zag's are hanging at the bottom of the Ring.


     Examine the ring again

One of the zig-zags is hammered smooth across the center  We’ll call this (the smooth zig-zag).The other zig-zag has a notch in the middle on the top, We’ll call this (the Bumpy zig-zag).


The smooth zig-zag should be furthest away from you of the two zig-zags.

If it is not, lift it up, over the diamond, and drop it down to the bottom. Now it is furthest away from you. NOTE:(Zig Zags should not cross over each other they should be separated.)


Put the smooth zig-zag up on your left middle finger to hold it out of the way while you work with the dented zigzag

 Take the dented zigzag and hang it from the bent part, then turn counter clockwise  Using the center notch as a pivot point,  until it wraps around the bottom of the V-shaped rings, hold that there between your ring finger and thumb.

Now fold the smooth zig-zag off your finger clock-wise, Bent zigzag part crossing over and laying into the dent on  the other bent  zigzag to form the infinity.


The smooth zigzag will cross over the Bumpy zigzag ring to form a figure-eight which surrounds the bottom of the V-shaped rings. (The Diamond shape runs thru the 8 of the infinity)

Now hold the figure-eight securely That's your finished Ring base. Let the Diamond Fall Making sure the Most Dented V-Shape is below the Least dented V-Shape


Rotate the V-shaped ring with two notches through the eight like a wheel until the V goes under the eight. folding it down to it's perspective right side

Then Rotate the 4 dented V-Shape  around and under the cross of the figure eight folding it down to the left side to join the other 3 bands in your finished ring.



                      Well done!






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